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Medical Group/Healthcare Facility Evaluation, Development & Guidance

The evaluation, development and guidance of the overall structure and layout of a group or facility are one of the most important initial, as well as, ongoing decisions that any medical group or healthcare facility must make.  


NEM provides a deep pool of experience in helping to navigate the various alternatives open to a new medical group or healthcare facility as well as continued guidance on the development, management, and achievement of its ultimate goals and objectives.


This area includes an evaluation phase and a development phase which include the following:




Analysis of prospective location -  


  • Analysis of location and logistics


  • Analysis of traffic patterns and accessibility


  • Condition of prospective physical plant,


  • On-site meeting with landlord and contractor


Market analysis


  • Local market competitive assessment in the selected area


  • Analysis of hospital locations and affiliations in the selected area


  • Analysis of existing ASC’s in the selected area


  • On-site meetings with Key Physician Members



Physician Analysis


  • Practice information and procedure data:


  • Caseload,


  • Payer mix,


  • Specific case utilization






Facility Structure and Formation:


  • Evaluation and Guidance on Initial Entity Formation


  • Review of Alternative Organizational Structures


  • Development of Organizational Goals & Objectives


  • Board of Director Development & Management


  • Development of Ancillary & Supporting Segments and Divisions


  • General Legal Draft Document Development


  • Coordination of Outside Legal & Professional Advisors


  • BOD & Committee Meeting Coordination




Facility Design and Development


  • Surgery Center Space Design and Support including preparation of architectural and construction plans and all related permit and license applications and approvals as required.


  • Construction of Tenant Improvements for Surgery Center Space including successful issuance of all required permits, licenses, and certifications by the appropriate local and state authorities and accrediting bodies.


  • Assistance in Equipment Planning and Selection 


  • Information Systems Design and Implementation


  • Equipment Procurement and Financing


  • Business and Operating Plan


  • Policies and Procedures


  • Vendor procurement


  • Payor contracting


  • Licensure & Accreditation

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